PADT by the Numbers

There are a lot of ways to look at a company. Being a bunch of engineers we like to measure and count things, and then look at the numbers. Some of the values are revealing and say a lot about PADT, our employees, our partners, and our customers. We present them here so that you may know a bit of the hard facts behind our company:

All values are from December, 2016

Years in Business: 22

Number of Employees: 80'ish

Count of Employees with PhD's: 4

Number of Employees with Masters Degrees: 13

Average Number of Years Employees have Worked for PADT: 9.2

Average Years of Experience for Engineers: 20.1

Number of States with at Least One PADT Employee: 7

Number of Physical Offices: 5

Quantity of Named Customers Served: Over 1,800

Number of Companies in the AZ Republic top 100 that are Customers: 12

Count of Companies that have Co-Located within PADT: 4

Number of Compute Cluster Cores: Over 1,400

Size ln Terabyts of RAM for Compute Cluster: Over 7

Amount invested in Lab and Prototyping Equipment: $1,500,000

Total Square Feet of Buildings Owned: 44,000 SqFt in the ASU Research Park

Count of Approved Vendors: 350

Quantity of Approved Medical Device Vendors: 50

Rapid Prototyping Machines (3D Printers) at PADT: 18

Amount of Rapid Prototyping Models Delivered: Over 100,000

Number of Functional Prototypes Created: Over 800

Count of Product Development Projects Completed: Over 350

Amount of Numerical Simulation Models Run: Over 7,200

Quantity of Small Business Innovative Research Grants (SBIR) awarded: 13

Number of Companies PADT has Done an Angel Investment in: 9

Number of Support Cleaning Aparatus (SCA) Systems Sold: Over 10,000


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