Success takes many forms for PADT's customers.  Sometimes it is finding a way to reduce the cost of developing their product.  Sometimes it is fixing a difficult problem that impacted reliability. And sometimes it is getting a new tool from PADT that gives them a new capability.  Our customer's successes take as many forms as the diverse services and products that PADT offers.

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In this section of the PADT website we are very proud, and a bit humbled, that our customers have granted us permission to share some of the successes we have achieved in our partnership with them.  This is just a small sample of how PADT has been able to help make innovation work.

Leading the Way in Simulation

The A in PADT stands for analysis, but even though most people now call it simulation it is still the same thing: using leading edge technology, mostly from ANSYS, Inc., to make better products in less time at a lower cost.  The examples we have for this area of our business do not cover the full breadth and depth of the simulation capabilities that we can offer but do show some of the various projects we have worked on.

Simulation Successes

Making Innovation Work for Product Development

There are a lot of resources available from many sources to help with product development.  Customers come to PADT knowing that the experiences and resources we have can help solve difficult engineering problems that arise during product development. The examples for this part of the business show the wide range of capabilities that PADT offers.

Product Development Successes

Getting Prototyping and Manufacturing Right

Rapid prototyping is the most competitive business that PADT is in.  Customers can choose from dozens of different suppliers over a huge price range.  After looking at all the options they choose PADT because of the expertise and quality delivered by our prototyping staff.  Some of those customers have given us permission to share the projects we have done with them.

Rapid Prototyping Successes

The examples presented here are just a small cross-section, and are projects that we have permission to share with the public. If you do not see the type of work you are interested in, or if you want more information on the examples we have shared, please contact us to learn more.

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