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Teaching Tool Mastery

Engineering software can deliver significant advantages to companies developing products.  The impact of those advantages is often directly related to how well the users at the company know those tools and how to apply them correctly.  At PADT we offer unique software training options that are aimed directly at making sure users can make an impact as quickly as possible and that the users have the right tools they need to maximize the impact.

At PADT: Those who Can, Do… AND Teach

Our classes are taught by engineers who use these tools on a daily basis to provide services to our customers, as well as mentoring and supporting users. This gives our instructors a real-world perspective that is unique in the industry.   Our classes are small and highly interactive. They consist of short lectures followed by hands-on workshops. Questions from the students, as well as comments, are encouraged.

Training the Way you Want it. Training When and Where you Want it.

Although we offer regularly scheduled classes in our Arizona and Colorado offices, most of the classes we hold are scheduled directly with our customers and located where it is most convenient for them:  at a PADT office, at the customer's facility, or at a hotel meeting room.  The class can use the customer's computers, or PADT can provide the laptops.  Again, whatever works for the customer.

Most of our classes are also customized to some extent, especially those that are held at the customer's facility. We can modify an existing class with additional lecture material, add workshops using a customer's parts, combine material, or add in anything else that makes the class more value added.  Again, whatever works for the customer.

Scroll on down to learn more about what products PADT works with, what classes we offer, and how to schedule your training. You can also contact Ted Harris at 480.813.4884 or and he will help design the best training solution for your needs.

ANSYS Product Training

PADT has been providing ANSYS product training since the company was founded in 1994.  Hundreds of students have started their ANSYS, FLUENT or CFX career in a class at PADT. Many of the students have returned for more advanced training.

We could go on about what we think about our training, or we could let our past students tell you:

  • “Enjoyable, knowledgeable people”
  • “...nice environment”
  • “...small size – hands on practice with exercises”
  • “Instant feedback from instructor”
  • “Good balance of hands-on vs. lecture”
  • “[The instructor was] patient, knowledgeable, and thorough”
  • “Instructor was well knowledged [sic] on the subjects and very experienced.”
  • “Several topics were included that I can instantly apply”
  • “Best training for the money I’ve found!”

As mentioned above, you can attend a class at one of PADT's facilities, we can come to your facility, or we can provide training over the web. In fact, much of PADT's ANSYS product training is done outside of our local area, so geography is not an issue. 
PADT is certified to offer training on almost every product that ANSYS, Inc. offers:

Structural Mechanics (FEA):

  • ANSYS Mechanical and Mechanical APDL
  • ANSYS Rigid Body Dynamics
  • ANSYS Autodyn, ANSYS ExplicitSTR
  • ANSYS Composite PrepPost (ACP), ANSYS nCode DesignLife

Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • ANSYS Polyflow


  • ANSYS Maxwell and ANSYS Mechanical APDL

Other ANSYS, Inc. Tools

  • SImplorer
  • ANSYS Design Modeler, SpaceClaim
  • ANSYS DesignExplorer

You can view detailed information for our standard classes, and enroll over the web, on our Course Description Page.

You can also find our class schedule for classes in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado on our Training Schedule page.

PADT Software Training session

ANSYS Product Mentoring

When you need to go beyond what is offered in training or technical support for your ANSYS product, consider PADT's ANSYS Product Mentoring.  This is one-on-one support with a PADT engineer either over the web or face to face. With mentoring we focus on helping you with the usage of your ANSYS product.  This goes beyond what training and support offers.  It is basically renting out a PADT expert for as long as you need them to work with you on whatever issues you have.

For our larger customers it often takes shape as on-site, regular "office hours" where users can stop by and ask questions.  It may be help with creating a script to automate something or it might be assistance with debugging a particularly difficult model.

Find out why large multinationals and small startups both contract with PADT for mentoring by contacting Ted Harris at 480.813.4884 or CFD whiteboard explained

Flownex Training

Although Flownex is a very easy to use product that comes with a great library of tutorials, we still recommend that users get training.  And because each application of this tool is often very industry specific, we like to spend at least a day in addition to the standard course time working on industry specific examples.

The classes are taught by PADT's Flownex users, who also provide support on the product.  Each class is custom designed to cover the basics, the modules each user has, and whatever advanced capabilities that are needed.  Each topic is introduced in a lecture then backed up with a workshop.

To set up your Flownex training, visit the Flownex Training Page or contact Ted Harris at 480.813.4884 or

Mentoring in CUBE

Geomagic Training

Geomagic is a very powerful tool that is also very easy to use.  With PADT's Geomagic training users are exposed to the full suite of capabilities so that they can become productive and efficient with the tool very quickly. 

We offer classes for Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify.

To schedule a class visit the Geomagic Training page or contact Ted Harris at 480.813.4884 or

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